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In Company School our main goal is to enhance the language skills of our students working in a corporate environment, on locations chosen by our customers. We aim to maintain high quality education and live up to the professional standards we have set. Our teaching programme is accredited by the National Institute for Adult Training.
In the field of Hungarian business, the knowledge of foreign languages is of utmost importance as there is an ever-rising inflow of foreign business partners. In addition, the question of integration into the European Union makes the training of a more language-conscious layer of professionals urgent. We aim to enhance corporate efficiency by training foreign-language speaking colleagues and aiding the development of group cohesion. To be successful in business one must be innovative and develop advanced problem-solving skills, a new type of creativity. The act of learning together plays a substantial role in forming collegial relations, as colleagues have to perform various problem-solving tasks together having a positive effect on each other’s performance and the learning process as well.
At the same time, as we lay special emphasis on the individual. Our courses are highly flexible and tailor-made to match the needs of our students.
We recognize the importance of lifelong learning. Therefore, we also offer courses for adults who do not necessarily study for their potential professional development, but are simply driven by a personal urge to grow intellectually.
We offer the following special courses this winter.
Our Intense Winter Course is meant for students who feel they are lagging behind or wish to recap on knowledge already attained. The 1-Day Language Exam Preparation is mainly useful for colleagues preparing for a language exam, especially its written part, and would welcome a little last-minute help. The 1-Day Grammar Brushup Training is an interactive course advisable for intermediate and advanced learners. Lastly, our 3-month long course focusing on presentation skills is useful for colleagues aspiring to become more effective during meetings and presentations in a corporate environment.   
At the moment, we offer language courses for the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Hungarian.
Office hours: Monday-Friday 8am-4pm